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bad punk

radio landfill season winter 2024

skate punk / west coast skate scene / stockwell blokes skate scene / samuel becket waiting for godot and krapps last tape / elvin jones / huddersfield bin men / nottinghamshire bin men / lou reed / drills / sandpaper etc

jungle / sex pistols / james joyce / niall mcdevitt / palestinian hip hop / take the a train / sandpaper / boiling kettles etc

bad punk is something i put in to the radio station every Sunday night for broadcast on a Friday. I call it something here because i’m not quite sure what it is. Its absolutely not a radio show in the accepted sense.

The radio station call it ’60 minutes in the eye of a radiophonic vortex’ I think that’s meant to be some kind of back handed insult from the office there but i take it as a compliment. They have it wrong though, it’s 89 minutes not 60, otherwise, crack on…

I create the 89 minutes on Garageband, sat on my bed, sometimes with the window open, from where i can hear the sound of the street mingle with the street sounds that i cull from you tube and my own field recordings. most things in my sound and song collages are culled from you tube and converted into mp3 via one of those dodgy Russian converter apps that sometimes cause inappropriate images to flash up on my laptop. I then process the sound further in an app called switch, upgrading the bit rates and what have you. It’s very cheap and lonely.

I always get my sounds and songs though. I have no idea what is prescient, no interest either in what’s good. There is no looping as such, just lots of overlay, it is very Huysmans in that Against Nature sense. It is lazy and feckless, i am my own worst presenter. It is very much anti radio.

I haven’t really wavered in my intention of perpetrating anti-radio since i first started a show on Resonance 21 years ago. I’ve kept an inconsistency of low matter ever since, and the station boss Ed has graciously kept faith with this approach and allowed me always to submit a show and so I go on putting degraded copy in, sometimes i achieve moments of noisy beauty sometimes utter sonic fail, it’s never dull. anyway, never straight radio, which i’ve always been averse to.

You can here it, hear…

an ongoing list of things played and sound pre-occupations… muslimgauze – caroline k – nocturnal emissions – gorgrio moroder – mc abdul – ali bumaye – logic featuring shadi mansour – habibtki ensemble – adulkt life – sex – repeater radio – cindy stern – emma tricca – kemper norton – asbo derek – …