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corpse flower


Here in the dark a new play

Spinning out ideas on dreams

Sleepless abstract impressions

Something quick taking place

Raw naked bodies crash through freezing river

A burning cross thrown into a rush of water by the drunken priest

On both sides of the river speed demon’s prowl

Roaming gypsy bands scream love and hate to the sun and moon forever

A nurse with cleaver in hand goes chopping into the crowd

She weaves an erratic route through the people

There is no light no one has power to stop her

She is determined to create a history for herself.


I have my own history to tend

Nothing that dramatic, a broken heart a used soul

Toxins seeping through the cracks

Past dying to mess up future

Presently static don’t even leave home

Watch world corrode inside my handset

Flicker of desires inane distraction

Is this how we all must live these days?

Slowness flow and peace are the things I most care for

I could not quite find my usual equanimity

The sense of disturbance would not cease

No matter how deep my breathing or how studied my concentration

I could find neither rhythm nor balance and certainly no emptiness of mind

Instead, this chaos of uncertainty, thoughts always troubling me

I sat up at the kitchen table watching the numerals on the clock slowly shift

My tired brain wired on unruly thought my body so stuck with inertia

Reluctantly I had turned the Roberts radio on

Some mellow early hours of the morning music

This might well have displaced these drag down negative thoughts

A news item had come straight on instead

.Climate change venal politician media language inane psycho- babble

More product more shopping more war

I turned the radio off and closed my eyes

My mind immediately flooded with the thinking

Sometimes we get things right but too often we misjudge badly

Life should be about dancing, with friends, with strangers or alone

Is there a moment when we stop reaching out for moments of joy?

How do we cope when we find ourselves stuck in the middle of all this darkness?

I was momentarily pulled under the surface of these thoughts

And as the current pre-occupation pulled me down

I caught a glimpse of some great paradise of light and colour and energy

I knew then and there I had to leave the house and get out of myself awhile

By the time I opened my eyes a decision had been made

I would go out the next day and dance

I had immediately felt much better

I slept well for the first time in weeks.