the month runed already

OK I’m about to rune you for the month… I have pulled a stone out of the bag, and the stone cast is…

july’s ritual stone: movement reversed

Movement that appears to block. Be certain that what you are doing, or indeed not doing is timely. There are no missed opportunities, we have simply to recognise that not all opportunities are for us, that not all possibilities are open to us. The opportunity at hand may be precisely to avoid action. If you are feeling at a loss, unclear about the need to act, consider what is timely and appropriate to your nature, and remember; what is yours will come to you.

Wise words, not sure if it’s quite the stone I’m looking for though, I want a great slice of action and all movement going forward still, boosted by a microdose of psilocybin and head full of ideas for Field Notes: Primitive Chord: The Russian Bard and his Battered Guitar I am ready to rock in July, you are too i know, come on stone buddies let’s do this thing!!

June’s ritual stone: the unknowable

Sat outside the End of the Line cafe in the shadow of the Nuclear Power Station at Dungeness on the Bank Holiday Saturday watching the police chase refugees over the pebbles of the beach as an invasion of craft Millennials arrive the other way. Drinking my tea with oat milk eating my vegan sausage roll thinking about the great movements of life and hope trying to imagine the places where my ancestors came from, my blood descendants, my direct lineage rather than the universal ancestry. And worrying about the future wondering where the monsters fronting on the television screens might take us. This weekend the Shaman girl pulled cards for schizophrenia and fear and I got beach ponies in the field outside the cottage where we stayed and rabbits running around my feet all weekend, rabbits also represent fear, nothing sensual tonight, just a pure calm sinking into the floor into my past, I thought about the gypsy Franky Lawson and his yard where he kept the ponies and John Chester riding them and our ancestors on the west coast of Ireland in a time before time, time that is measured in clocks and calendar months that is, I saw ancestors dredged up on the docks of Aberdeen and travelling to the Baltic and beyond, ending up in the Fish Quay at North Shields and, ancestors going through the dark of two world wars, of looking to bring back the light in Hollywood, or in hotel rooms in Cairo, Singapore, Santiago. My uncle Bill with his little black book full of numbers of women around the world, seeing beauty, succumbing to drink, dying in a mental hospital.

And so I think of all this and turn away from the current world a moment and throw a rune which is… the blank stone, UNKNOWABLE, which is most apt. blank is the end, blank is the beginning. It is a rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny, which, time and again, rises like the phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate, well there you go, isn’t that just hunky bloody dory. Let’s throw this clean pebble about a bit more…

The blank rune can portend a death. But that death is usually symbolic and may relate to any part of your life as you are living it now. Relinquishing control is the ultimate challenge for any spiritual warrior.

Here the unknowable informs you that it is in motion in your life. In that blankness is held undiluted potential. At the same time pregnant and empty, it comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actualised.

Drawing the Blank Rune brings to the surface our deepest fears. Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away? And yet our highest good, our truest possibilities and all our fertile dreams are held within that blankness.

Willingness and permitting are what this Rune requires, for how can you exercise control over what is not yet in form? This Rune often calls for no less an act of courage than the empty handed leap into the void. Drawing it is a direct test of faith.

In one sense the blank rune represents the path of karma – the sum total of what you have done and the limits on what you are and what you will become. At the same time this Rune teaches that the very debts of old karma shift and evolve, nothing is predestined, there is nothing that cannot be avoided. And if, indeed, there are matters hidden by the gods, you need only remember, what beckons is the creative power of the unknown.

Whenever you draw the Blank Rune, take heart, know that the work of self-change is progressing your life, and progress you will, there is no turning back now, any Bowie song will tell you that, even Harry Styles knows, Richard Hell and Gaye Advert knew it most though. Blank…

There you go that’s your month beautifully runed once more.

May’s ritual stone: gebo

Drawing this rune is an indication that union, uniting or partnership is at hand. but i’m putting you on notice not to collapse yourself into that union, don’t get swallowed by the whole. a good working partnership can only be achieved by separate and whole beings who retain their separateness even in unity and the blessed act of uniting. Put plainly that is love your fellow folk and other creatures but always be yourself for fuck sake; don’t be a copy of someone else, a shadow in somebody else’s show, i mean, who’s going to love you for what you are then? No -one: exactly. if every n word is a star, then you are too, ask Patti, she’ll put you right on that score. And when you find yourself on Union Street always remember to let the winds of heaven dance between you. That’s what is written in the book, and the book knows

This counselling can be applied to all paths and pursuits, love, hate, business, pleasure, social media, the music industry, not the fishing industry though, which is a vile nasty affair and if you too watched Seaspiracy last night you will know it’s killing our ocean and our killed ocean is deadening us in turn. Don’t get too down though, there’s still good things to be done before we in turn are done with, still the odd good afternoon in Soho to be had. The occasional trip outside the enclosed mindset. . A nice pair of Han Kobenhavn sunglasses… all that shite. Things will begin to vibrate big time if you start tuning into your higher self, you know what i’m saying here, that interplay between the conscious and unconscious in each of us as we cast out on the choppy dirty seas in search of the divine. God, God bless him, is always up for a bit of equal partnering, the Goddesses go full multi task on that business. You just have to ask yourself really… are you ready to tune and vibrate?

Thousands march in biggest Kill the Bill protest yet, Tory poll lead slashed as key elections loom across Britain, capturing the whimsy folklore and festivals of the land, Fulham defeated by Chelsea therefore NUFC almost safe to aim for another relegation escaping 17th place spot in the league next season. quick before the bad news catches up again…

And this is a one way stone i have just pulled here, no reversing back down the lane with this rune, it signifies the gift of freedom through union, and through that will flow many other gifts, get right on it, set your intention for the day and just drive all the way to some beautiful sunset. I promise for you and your newly unionised yet singular partner the night will then be truly yours.

The song that comes with this rune is Alton Ellis’s rocksteady classic I’m Still in Love With You. Not for any mystical or even sentimental reason it’s just that I bought the SoulJazz Rocksteady double vinyl in Sounds of the Universe earlier today and now i can’t get the tune out of my head furthermore it puts me in mind of Althea and Donna who it must be said are pure Gebo and that neatly brings this months reading to a close.

April’s ritual stone; raido

This rune is all about communication, getting on twitter and making a pest of yourself, putting your best foot forward on Instagram and showing the world what it’s all about, but it’s also about connecting with the attunement of something that has two sides, two elements, a bit of yin a bit of yang, Salt and Pepa, Cannon and Ball and with the ultimate reunion that comes as the end of the journey, when what is above and what is below are united and of one mind.

This brings to mind a fusion of vax and anti vax mindgames going on in an endless spiral that can only be resolved by ingesting a potent Pfizer Iboga speedball. The journey is the soul’s journey, of course, how could it not be?  The destination though is always somewhere just out of reach. Southend springs immediately to mind. It’s endless pier, scuzzy fish and chips, rock and roll nights at the Railway Hotel, all that shit you’ve been missing in your life. You can have a guided tour on youtube but you know it’s not the same. Moreover, the approach of that which is above and that which is below is realised from inmost sentiment rather than through the force of circumstances. You had better start praying eh?

A simple prayer for the soul’s journey is: I will to will, thy will

One elderly woman came in a bathrobe…

Such a prayer of intention is proper on almost any occasion and is particularly suitable as a preamble to healing. Raido is another of the runes in the cycle of self-transformation.

Inner worth mounts here, and at such a time we must remember that we are not intended to rely entirely upon our own power, but instead to ask what constitutes right action.

Well if you’re asking me I’d say ask yourself… ask through prayer, through addressing your own knowing. Your body knowing. The witness self, the watcher within, your own spiritual microchip. Keep off the phone for a few days, avoid Google, and all the other stuff, the good thing within will soon bubble to the surface.

Like that Icelandic volcano that is still blowing hot outside Reykjavik

Once you are clear, you can neutralize your refusal to let right action flow through you. Not intent on movement, be prepared to sit tight a while; do nothing, stay static and while you wait keep on removing resistances. As the obstructions give way, all remorse arising from ‘trying to make it happen’ disappears. It’s the very essence of self-help, right here, right now.

One elderly woman came in a bathrobe.

As always the journey is towards self healing, self change and union. You are concerned here with nothing less than unobstructed perfect union. But the union of Heaven and Earth cannot be forced. Keep within your limits. Regulate any excesses in your life. Material advantages must not weigh heavily on this journey towards the Self. As the disco song says, don’t push it, don’t force it, let it happen naturally, if it was meant to happen, it would surely be…

Trust your own process – that is the essence of this rune. Keep on cutting away illusions. Stand apart even from like-minded others; the notion of strength in numbers does not apply at this time, for this part of the journey cannot be shared. Innermost feeling, spontaneously expressed is what you called for now. Raido urges you to undertake your journey, your quest, and if you have already begun, well, carry on baby, carry on, and shine…

I’m neither vax nor anti vax, I see both sides, except on the days when the pure fear of this world blinds me and I just want to be a million miles away but MSM garbage like this boils my piss, it reads like propaganda, or is this just my paranoia, that I’m now laying on to you? Maybe i’m reading it wrong and out of context it looks a harmless enough paragraph, but still… `Fuck the mainstream middle of the road snides, always and unrelentingly, believe in your own instincts, keep searching for the wisdoms, as aboves, so belows, all that… anyway, that’s you runed for the month. I’ll leave you with a link to a song that’s fitting…