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Lie back for now, and relax

We are going to go through a process

At the end of which you will be a fully experienced new woke dreamer

Your first dream will start approximately 90 minutes in

Your other dreams will follow

They will follow at similar but shorter intervals throughout your time here

Dream upon dream imagery upon imagery emotion upon emotion

As the intervals decrease…

The length of your dreams will increase

Your first dream will have an average duration of about 10 minutes

Your second dream may be as long as 20 minutes

The third dream will go on for 30 minutes

And so we will reach for infinity

This is an average reading



Everyone has a different dream pattern

You have questions yes?

Do men dream differently from women?

Are dreams different dreamed by the aged as they are for the youth?

Does mental illness affect your dreaming differently?

Will physical illness dissipate or drive your dreams?

What about fatigue, drugs, climate change, recent political and pandemic events?

Don’t worry about any of that too much right now, just dream, dream and walk with us

Will you dream in colour?

Will you dream in black in white?

Will your dreams be stereo?

Will your dreams ring in the mono night?

Will you have great Mad Men advertising dreams?

Or strictly Burroughsian post reality streams

Of hyper sub conscious post fractured themes

That rearrange thought in to new planning schemes

Will your dreams be cut up and collaged and pasted to board?

Are your dreams something you will want to hoard

Are you a Freudian slut or a Jungian cow?

Or a screaming Laingian primal slag anyhow?

Don’t worry about it, just dream, dream and walk with us

You will find yourself walking a tightrope between the psychic and physical approach

Well just keep your balance and look straight ahead and let the dream do its thing

Throwing light on the mystery

As you dream and you breathe

You walk on and you see

You pause and you feel

The imagery of this scheme

You dream when you are due to dream

That time is now

Wake up. Wake up

Wake up woke dreamer

You are now a new woke dreamer

We are all now woke and lucid dreamers



Lie back again

Think about what you have just dreamed

All is good in the garden yes?

2. OK, now you are alive in this world

I wonder can you tell us this?

What is your dream?

What is its cause?

What is its meaning?

What is this mystery and who are the cult?

And the message they are bringing to the universal collective being….

Is it a message of despair from a God?

Or word of hope from a demon?

Is the universal collective being superstitious?

Are you superstitious?

I know that when you are, turned on, your soul leaves your body in sleep and wanders freely in the spirit world

Now tell us please, can dreams provide glimpses of the future?

Can you reveal events happening at a distance?

If we asked for it right now, could you indicate a necessary course of action?

Will you indicate a necessary course of action?


We are following you


Thank you


So, after what you have just been through

And after what we’ve taught you

The instructions we have just put you through

Can you please share your knowledge?

And maybe give future woke dreamers and reticent sleepers some practical advice

What is your magic spell for inducing woke dreams?

What would be your magic spell for averting any evil consequence that the woke dream spell may inadvertently create?

Would you be prepared to use a woke dream as a kind of curse?

Would you be ready and able to use the woke dream principle as a cure?

And as an aside, just out of interest.

Did any big religious conceit emerge out of your new woke dream?

Or maybe the dreaming inspired the most poetic of constructs and moved you to the spirited word?

Whichever way it panned out

We thank you for coming and partaking in our dreaming

You are a very able and inspired dreamer I must say

A woke dreamer of the highest degree

You can sit back up now